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Nanny State Moving Against Hookahs

We sure are lucky that the nanny state exists to tell us what is and isn’t good for us. By Thor in Valhalla if we didn’t have the nanny state people may do things that could be harmful! Well don’t worry because nanny is working to remove yet another unhealthy things from the list of unhealthy things, hookahs:

But in fact, hookahs are far from safe. And now, legislators, college administrators and health advocates are taking action against what many of them call the newest front in the ever-shifting war on tobacco. In California, Connecticut and Oregon, state lawmakers have introduced bills that would ban or limit hookah bars, and similar steps have been taken in cities in California and New York. Boston and Maine have already ended exemptions in their indoor-smoking laws that had allowed hookah bars to thrive.

Is smoking safe? No it’s not but neither is a lot of the shit we do. Eating fast food isn’t safe, driving sure as the Hell isn’t safe, drinking alcohol isn’t safe, opening a box with a utility knife isn’t safe, basically nothing is safe. Everything you do in life carries risks and it’s up to you to determine if those risks outweigh the benefits. Well it was up to you until everybody was willing to delegate that power to the state, now the state gets to use their monopoly on the initiation of force to force you to avoid things it deems unhealthy.

So what should you do if you don’t like hookah bars? Don’t frequent them. Legislation doesn’t need to be passed to “protect people from themselves.” If you don’t approve of an activity then you don’t have to participate. If something may be harmful to the participants that is their problem and they can decide whether or not the potential risks outweigh the potential benefits. What we don’t need is the fucking state coming in and telling us what is and isn’t good for us.


Written by Christopher Burg

June 1, 2011 at 10:30 am

Political Correctness and Geometry

Political correctness has to be one of the dumbest concepts the human race has ever decided to waste time on. It seems people are paid to find phrases that may be offensive to somebody and then come up with a new phrase that’s fifty fucking words in length and somehow less offensive. I believe a theory was written somewhere that states the more words a phrase has the less offensive it is.

Well let’s take a look at the latest cluster fuck brought to us by a Seattle school who just renamed Easter eggs “spring spheres.” No I’m not making this up:

“At the end of the week I had an idea to fill little plastic eggs with treats and jelly beans and other candy, but I was kind of unsure how the teacher would feel about that,” Jessica said.

She was concerned how the teacher might react to the eggs after of a meeting earlier in the week where she learned about “their abstract behavior rules.”

“I went to the teacher to get her approval and she wanted to ask the administration to see if it was okay,” Jessica explained. “She said that I could do it as long as I called this treat ‘spring spheres.’ I couldn’t call them Easter eggs.”

In the frantic move to make something politically correct some administrative bozo also managed to screw these kids with geometry. An egg is not a sphere, it’s not even close. Obviously these teachers failed geometry because if they had passed they would know that a sphere is a perfectly round geometric object in three dimensional space.

Now that I think about it I believe the word school has bad connotations attached to it. Because of this I propose we renamed schools “equal opportunity non-discriminatory community oriented education environment.” Look how many words are in there, it can’t possibly be offensive!

What we really need right now is a lesson in political correctness by everybody’s favorite Gunnery Sergeant:

Written by Christopher Burg

April 14, 2011 at 10:00 am

Car You Can’t Own

Many people claim that we have a free market in the United States. These same people also blame the lack of regulations on our recent financial problems. Neither fact is true as we haven’t had a free market since… well ever honestly as there have always been regulations on the free exchange of goods between two people. Well I have yet another example of market regulations in the United States that I feel few are aware of, a list of cars the government says you can’t have:

Sure, some lustworthy Euro-spec cars can make it in. Witness the list of Show and Display cars the overlords at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration OK’d despite the fact that not one of them meets government safety standards.

Such cars must be exceedingly rare, historically significant and driven a mere 2,500 miles annually. But if you think a boatload of money and reams of paperwork can get any car into the country, think again.

Today, we present some of the cars people tried to import under Show and Display that were rejected by Uncle Sam. We aren’t talking about fanboy fantasies here, but actual cars that someone went to the trouble of tracking down and applying to the feds for.

The list contains 17 vehicles that us measly peasants can’t be trusted with.

Written by Christopher Burg

April 12, 2011 at 11:30 am

You Will Do As We Say

This story can best be summed up with the phrase, “Shut up slave!” It seems one school in Chicago (where else) is prohibition children from brining their own lunches and thus forcing kids to eat what the school command:

At his public school, Little Village Academy on Chicago’s West Side, students are not allowed to pack lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, they must eat the food served in the cafeteria.

Principal Elsa Carmona said her intention is to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices.

“Nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school,” Carmona said. “It’s about the nutrition and the excellent quality food that they are able to serve (in the lunchroom). It’s milk versus a Coke. But with allergies and any medical issue, of course, we would make an exception.”

They will allow you to bring a lunch if you have medical reasons? How magnanimous of them! Why thank you Comrade Carmona for granting such a privilege to the lowly surfs! I’m sure you can guess how I feel about this police, it’s terrible. The school administration is basically saying they know better than the parents what their children should eat. Because a parent may decides to allow their child to bring chips with their sandwich it means brining lunches must be banned and any student who does so must be labeled an enemy of the people.

If I were a parent I’d probably be inclined to tell Comrade Carmona, “Fuck you! Go sodomize yourself with a retractable baton.” Then again if I were a parent I’d not subject my child to a public school in Chicago… or Chicago. Practices like this shouldn’t go unchallenged by parents. If you’re a parent with a child in this school you should pack your child’s lunch every day. When they take your child’s lunch bring the administration up on charges of theft.

Although public schools felt like a prison when I was attending one I must say it’s far worse now.

Written by Christopher Burg

April 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

Child Abduction Services Knows Best

You know what’s great? Using Child Abduction” Services to bar parents from taking their newborn baby home. It’s nice to know that the state has this kind of power to protect our children from those evil little serfs we call parents. Take this instance:

“They said, ‘Well, if you leave the hospital I’ll have to arrest you and your husband.'”

Cecilia is referring to the police officer who was sent to her room just hours after giving birth, all because she and her husband told the nurse they didn’t want to keep Lilia overnight in the NICU to be treated for jaundice.

I guess I don’t really have grounds to make a complain if the parents if the parents were going to put the child’s life in danger. It would be crazy to let the parents go against the wishes of the doctor… oh wait:

The couple says it got a second opinion and spoke with a pediatrician at Summerlin Hospital, who agreed that it would be okay if the couple took the baby home with minor jaundice as long as they signed a medical release form.

What the Hell? The doctor signed off on the parents taking the baby home and yet Child Abduction Services were still called? Who the Hell called them?

But the nurse they originally worked with called Child Protective Services to report these new parents for not agreeing with the recommended hospital care.

Oh, it seems the nurse knew more than the doctor. Likewise the goons send by abduct the child also knew better than the doctor. I must have missed when they changed the curriculum for nurses and government stooges. At what point did the required education for becoming either involve heavy training in pediatrics?

Yes this is yet another case of the state coming in and imposing its will against the slaves… er, citizens, of the United States. It’s also frightening to see that the recommendations of a doctor will be completely ignored by the very goons who are supposed to protect children from abusive situations.

Written by Christopher Burg

April 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Zero Tolerance Means Zero Intelligence

Public schools not only have a history of being rather poor in the field of educating children but they also have a history of zero tolerance. Between kids being expelled for having shotguns off school property, kids being kicked out for making a gun shape with their fingers, and kids being given the boot for having Aspirin it’s amazing there are any children left in school. Well here’s another one for the record book, a 13 year-old kid was shown the door for brining acne medicine:

A typical middle school girl, 13-year-old Hayley Russell was worried about another acne flare-up when she brought her orange prescription bottle to Rachel Carson Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia.

She placed the erythromycin on the top shelf of her locker so she could retrieve an antibiotic pill to take at lunch. And then she forgot about it.

The pills sat in her locker for months. When an administrator confronted her about them last May, acting on a tip from other girls, Hayley quickly acknowledged her mistake. But it triggered a disciplinary process that kept her out of class for more than seven weeks, banned her from even visiting Carson without official permission, and eventually forced her to transfer to another school.

Yes not only did she bring medication but she had the audacity to have a prescription for it! It’s sad to see things haven’t changed since I was in high school and administrators were sacrificing children in order to look like they were protective of the kids’ well being.

Written by Christopher Burg

March 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

I Don’t Like It, Make It Illegal

I haven’t had a good nanny state story in a while but thankfully some Australian activists have shattered that fact. There seems to be a 25% increase in pedestrian deaths and the assume culprit are iPods. The most obvious solution to such a problem is to make it illegal:

But Mr Scruby said the rise in the popularity of iPods and other listening devices illustrated an urgent need for action by state government and manufacturers.

”The government is quite happy to legislate that people can lose two demerit points for having music up too loud in their cars, but is apparently unconcerned that listening devices now appear to have become lethal pieces of entertainment,” he said. ”They should legislate appropriate penalties for people acting so carelessly towards their own welfare and that of others.

”Manufacturers … should be made to [warn] consumers of the risks they run.”

Yes that will fix the problem, legislation. I mean it always works so well. Once you make something illegal it’ll go away. I’m sure Australia will be free of iPod related accidents as soon as that legislation is passed. It’s a good thing government can protect us from ourselves.

I also love how they want manufacturers to put yet another warning label that will be ignored onto the device.

Written by Christopher Burg

September 7, 2010 at 9:00 am